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Human Anatomy - Female Pelvis
Human Anatomy – Female Pelvis

Human Anatomy 3D Model of Female Pelvis (Left Femur, Right Femur, Left Hip, Right Hip, Sacral, Veins, Arteries, Nerves) Subdivision Technique means it can be used as low poly or subdivide model as needed.

Model is textured with 4K Textures in both environments. PBR ( Metal Roughness) and DCC (Specular Gloss)

A scene is lit with one HDRI Map.

There are 4 materials is scene Femur, Hip, Sacral, Nerves/Veins.

The unit is in cm, the model is around 24 x 14 x 18 cm or 9,5 x 5.5 x 7 inches. The scale is 1:1 means this is real size model.

Arterie [4]:848 Verts: 840
Left_Femur_Bone [4]:500 Verts: 502
Left_Hip_Bone [3]:2 [4]:906 Verts: 907
Nerves [3]:2 [4]:2258 Verts: 2253
Right_Femur_Bone [4]:500 Verts: 502
Right_Hip_Bone [3]:2 [4]:906 Verts: 907
Sacrum [3]:12 [4]:3028 3Verts: 002
Veins [4]:816 Verts: 808

It was needed 40+ hours to model, texture this model using different medical sources.

Model is watertight so it is printable, 4K Textures makes this model render in High Resolution, Low poly makes this model to be used in VR/AR/Game/Web Engines.

Images are NOT ALLOWED to use without model purchase, Thank you.

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Quads: 9,780

Vertices: 9,721


.MAX (2015)
.MAX (2018)


Unreal Engine


4K Textures (4096px x 4096px)
PBR RT (metalic/albedo)
DCC (diffuse / specular)

DC (Production Environment) 4K Textures for each model group

Diffuse 4096×4096
Glossiness 4096×4096
Specular (reflection) 4096×4096
Normal Map (bump) 4096×4096
Height Map (displace) 4096×4096

PBR (Real Time Engines) 4K Textures for each model group

Base Color (albedo) 4096×4096
Roughness 4096×4096
Metallic 4096×4096
Normal 4096×4096
AO 4096×4096

Scene is lit with one HDRI Image 5000 PX x 2500 PX